Youth/J.O.A.D. Program

Welcome to the Proline Junior Olympic Development Program.

J.O.A.D. is a USA Archery sanctioned program for teaching archer to youths between the ages of 8 and 20 years old.  The program helps young archers to develop proper shooting form and practice habits while awarding their achievements as they do so.

Proline’s J.O.A.D. classes are designed for the purpose of bringing the shooters up in an environment that will help prepare them for the world of competitive archery.

The program at Proline Archery specializes in both Olympic Recurve and Target Compound Styles of archery.

J.O.A.D information on a national level can be found at here:

Remember each archer will enjoy archery and progress rapidly if they receive support and encouragement from home. Archery is a family sport and we’d like the whole family to be involved.

by: Bruno Lopes